what does it mean to make a home?

Reclaiming and redefining the term Homemaker, we are inviting women to take back what it means to be a homemaker and be part of the solution for people experiencing homelessness. We aim to harness the philanthropic power of a female-led giving society to support our ongoing efforts to eradicate homelessness in the United States.

Launch Event

private launch event

Tuesday, June 22, 2021
6–7:30pm ET

If you are interested in learning more about this event and future programming, please contact Michelle Spreitzer.
The inaugural Homemakers event will speak to women’s economic power in creating lasting solutions to homelessness. Our agenda includes an intimate conversation and cooking demonstration with New York Times food writer Melissa Clark and Food Network personality Chef Samone Lett.

Melissa Clark (NYT) will lead a conversation with Samone Lett about her journey as a chef, including a year where she found herself homeless. The conversation will explore the connection between food, community, and building a home—the work at the heart of Lotus Campaign.

our special guests

Melissa Clark

Food writer and cookbook author Melissa Clark is staff reporter for the New York Times Food section, where she writes the popular column “A Good Appetite” and appears in a weekly cooking video series.

Chef Samone Lett

My story is filled with moments of back-to-back success, but also moments of intense difficulties that often made it tempting to quit altogether. I share my story from a perspective of showing others that anyone can fulfill their purpose in the midst of challenges and obstacles.


Fact: Our average annual cost to place and keep someone in housing is $788.

Our Beloved Host Committee

Michelle Chang
Jeralyn Gerba
Sylvia Kwan
Molly McCabe
Mary Ruth Payne
Beth Silverman
Michelle Spreitzer
Danae Woodward

Champion Homemakers

Donors of $8,000 or more help create homes for 10 individuals or families

Jeralyn Gerba
Mary Ruth Payne
Michelle Spreitzer
Pamela K. Warlick

Inspirational Homemakers

Donors giving any amount in celebration of an inspirational homemaker

Tiffany Davis, in recognition of Jeralyn Gerba
Debra Hatcher, in recognition of Molly McCabe
Elizabeth Propp
Elizabeth (Libby) Seifel, in recognition of Molly McCabe
Jennifer Slepin, in recognition of Jeralyn Gerba
Margaret Tuchmann, in honor of Molly McCabe

Lotus Campaign Homemakers

Donors of $800 or more help create a home for an individual or family

Elizabeth Alexis
Marian & Rob Bergdolt
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Blank
Leslie & Paul Bernard
Janice & Barry Bradner
Barbara & Twig Branch
Merryman Cassels
Michelle & Anthony Chang
Martine Combal
Jennifer & Steve Coss
Marilee & Dean DeVillers
Donahue Charitable Foundation
Elno Family Foundation, Inc.
Carol & Phillip Friedman
Nancy Gadd
Nicole Gardner
Jeralyn Gerba
Sharon & Bill Green
Cristy & Keith Harris
Karen Hau
Sally Higgins
Kathy & Ben Hill
Kathy Izard
Sylvia S. Kwan
Alycia Kellman & Brenden McEneaney
Martha & Bill Lashbrook
Karen & Warren Marsh
Claire Magee
Sherry & Ed MacMahon
Crystal Meers
Ricky Moore
Mona & Tom Murphy
Sarah & Mike Peddicord
The Perper Family Foundation
Cathy Pfeiffenberger
Christine & Roger Platt
Marla Spitzer Rogers
Elizabeth (Libby) Seifel
Krista & David Shackelford
Tiffany & Alan Shaw
Barbara & David Singer
Charu Singh
Bill Spreitzer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stewart
Jeanne H. Sunn
Ann & Tom Temple
Ann Thorpe
Lynn C. Thurber
BaoQuyen Trinh
Brenna Walraven
Stuart Watson
Danae & Russell Woodward
Barbara G. Yarbrough


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inspired by amazing women

Our new women-led giving initiative is inspired by activist Pauli Murray, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974, which gave women the right to open credit cards and bank accounts and carry mortgages without a male cosigner. Lotus Homemakers will use their economic power to supply stable and secure housing to people in need.