Lotus is Scaling!

Lotus Campaign
March 29, 2022

When it comes to homelessness, scale matters. Scale matters because homelessness is growing rapidly throughout the country. There is not a community it does not touch, and it has become even more prevalent over the past two years as COVID has both disrupted and made more obvious so many disparities in our country.

Lotus has never shied away from looking at the changes needed to address homelessness. Instead, we have been laser focused on making sure that the solutions employed are equally as vast, direct, and impactful.

We are proud to announce that we will begin our scaling efforts by launching our cornerstone Landlord Participation Program in Pensacola, Florida later this spring. Pensacola’s City Council voted unanimously for Lotus to launch this program engaging the for-profit sector to increase the availability of housing for people experiencing homelessness.

Lotus will replicate the Landlord Participation program launched in Charlotte, which has proven effective by providing housing to more than 350 individuals, at an annual cost of less than $1,000 per person. As in Charlotte, Lotus will link the efforts of landlords with those of high performing non-profit organizations providing social services and ongoing support. This program levels the playing field for those who need housing by increasing the availability of housing in neighborhoods of opportunity and providing the economic guarantees and support these tenants need to stay and thrive.

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in our efforts as we expand and scale our housing-driven approach to homelessness.