Capital is a just a tool.
August 6, 2019

In this podcast Molly McCabe and Eve Picker explore housing the homeless, real estate projects that make community, and the future of impact investing. Her Lotus Campaign is yielding astonishing results quite early on, having placed 150 homeless people in its first year of existence, so listen in to learn more.

Molly is a veteran of the Real Estate Industry, Molly describes herself as a Scout, MapMaker and BridgeBuilder. She founded HaydenTanner after spending many years in commercial real estate finance, capital markets and development. She has spent her career cultivating practical solutions and strategies to accelerate the emergence of resilient buildings and vibrant, sustainable cities. Now she works with clients to channel investment capital to optimize asset and portfolio level returns, enhance resiliency, community vibrancy and livability while meeting economic objectives.

Molly is the immediate past Chair of the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Responsible Property Investment Council and sits on the Board of The Freshwater Trust. She is also the author of the book: Practical Greening: The Bottom Line On Sustainable Property Development, Investment and Financing and “Driving value: Responsible and Resilient Property Investing in the New Millennium” for Institutional Real Estate Investor. She has taught at the Boston Architectural College and has lectured at Pinchot University. Previously she founded VC funded, commercial mortgage backed securities firm, Bridger Commercial Funding, ran Bank of America’s Real Estate Capital Markets group and was a commercial construction lender with Wells Fargo Bank. She is a trained mediator, professional business coach and LEED AP.

Insights and Inspirations

  • We need to think of capital as just a tool. That’s all it is. It can be used beneficially, or not.
  • Molly’s Lotus Campaign has housed over 150 homeless people in it’s first year at the extraordinarily low cost of $1,000 per person.
  • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) plays a factor in investors decisions every day now.
  • Equity crowdfunding is the pebble that creates the ripples.
  • Molly is exploring building techniques that might help to lower the cost of housing for those who really need it.

Information and Links

  • Molly’s inspired by women who make her giddy, make her laugh and call her forth to do more, do better and to stand tall in my own strength and authenticity. Like Brene’ Brown and her most recent book Dare to Lead,  Emma McIlroy and her team at WildFang, Georgia Lee Hussey of Modernist Financial and so many more.
  • This year Molly is most proud of all she’s accomplished with The Lotus Campaign to help get people into housing.  
  • Who knows what will her inspire next week!